A leading supplier of pellet mills, Kesir North America supplies the latest machinery in industrial grade pelleting and grinding machines. Kesir supplies throughout the whole of the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia amongst others.

Included among Kesir’s pellet mills are WOOD pellet mills.

What type of wood makes pellets?

Actually, with Kesir’s unique and innovative wood pellet mills ANY type of wood can make pellets. Binders do not need to be added. These heavy duty wood pellet mills offer driers of premium grade, yet low cost.

Why get your wood pellet mills from Kesir?

The highest quality wood pellets can be made from any type of wood biomass using Kesir’s industrial grade wood pellet mills. Use hard wood, soft wood, MDF, or particle board, premium grade wood pellets are the result. The lowest down time for operators and with guarantees of minimum production per hour. Kesir have the lowest cost per tonne in the wood pellet mill industry. From upward of 1.5 tonne per hour.

Packages can include wood pellet mills, screening, material feeders, coolers, conditioners, driers, chippers, hammer mills and bagging plants, either automatic or manual.

These tunkey wood pellet mill systems are from Kesir, leading suppliers of grinding, drying and pelleting equipment.

Remember, with Kesir wood pellet mills:

  • No binders needed at all
  • Any type of wood used
  • Premium quality wood pellets made at the lowest cost
  • Guarantees of minimum production
  • Free installation!
  • Free training!

Where do I find out more about Kesir wood pellet mills?

You can find much more information including pricing and wood pellet mill videos on our making wood pellets page, or by contacting us.

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