What are RDF pellets (refuse derived pellets)?

RDF pellets are pellets consisting of refuse derived fuel. RDF is a fuel produced from various types of waste, such as industrial or commercial waste, or municipal solid waste (MSW).

Why choose Kesir for your refuse derived fuel (RDF) pellet mills?

In the UK and throughout Europe Kesir are a leading turnkey grinding and pelleting equipment supplier. We have developed a superior system of pelletisation for refuse derived fuel (RDF) and municipal solid waste (MSW). Other pellet mill systems have problems with RDF because of its mixed materials and light nature, whereas Kesir have designed a system that shreds and pellets MSW leaving a high density RDF pellet.

RDF pellets can be used to produce electricity, and alongside other traditional sources of fuel, refuse derived fuel can be used in coal power plants. Also, in Europe RDF is used in the cement kiln industry. Refuse derived fuel pellets can also be effective in processes like gasification/pyrolysis.

Kesir’s RDF pellet mills include the stages of shredding, mixing and then feeding into the RDF pelleting line. The calorific value of raw municipal solid waste (MSW) is only 1000kcal/kg whereas the calorific value of refuse derived fuel pellets is 4000kcal/kg! From 100 tons of raw refuse 15 to 20 tons of fuel pellets can be made.

Why not get a personalized quote for an RDF pellet mill system?

Contact us today! All of Kesir’s pellet mill equipment and machinery comes with a two year limited warranty for your peace of mind, and with minimum production guarantees, our mills systems are affordable, long-lasting with quick investment returns.

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