Pellets can be used for fertilizer, animal feed, fuel pellets for use in a pellet stove, and so on. Pellets can be made from most materials including biomass, municipal waste, wood, alfalfa,grass, hops, hemp etc.

Why choose Kesir for purchasing pellet mills?

Kesir North America is a world leader in supplying pellet mills, grinding and drying machines, and biomass densification. They supply throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. They have supplied over 2,400 systems worldwide, with 100% custom built pellet mills.

Kesir turnkey pellet mills are industrial grade, heavy duty, with the best materials always used to make these systems. Innovative and unique, these pellet mill designs include 3 patents. They are custom built specialized pellet mills. They can include the following – hammer mills, pellet mills, hops/hemp pellet makers, biomass driers, wood pellets, feed pellets, bagging systems, wood shredders and bale grinders. The drying systems will dry from 500kg to 20,000kg per hour.

Other reasons to choose Kesir North America for your pellet mill needs:

Pellet mill installation is provided free! Also free training in using these systems. There are minimum production guarantees on all pellet mills, and minimal down time for operators.

All systems are designed with longevity and efficiency as essentials. Additional sections to the pellet mill and drier can be added at a later time, to take into account future business growth. Kesir provide a 2 year warranty. The price is unbeatable with the very best quality service!

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