Pellet mills for sale from Kesir – a major supplier of pellet mill systems throughout the USA, Canada and around the world!

Unrivalled pricing for our customers, we believe strongly in using the best top quality materials for long-lasting pellet mill machinery. Our industrial pellet mills for sale have rotating components that are lubricated inside the pellet press by oil that is pumped externally. The oil temperature is always less than 50 degrees celsius which means that the lifespan of the press is greatly extended.

Other advantages of Kesir’s pellet mills for sale…

The main shaft in our industrial pellet mill is driven by a cylindrical helical gear reducer. The running life of the mill is also greatly improved by the fact that there is no bearing inside the roller. This means that there is no need for grease or lubrication every two hours. This also reduces wear parts dramatically. Capacity on our pellet mills is increased by 30% compared to standard ring die pellet mills from the USA or Germany due to the bigger inner size of the die on our mills. Please browse our website to read so much more detail about our world leading turn key grinding and pellet mill equipment.

Our pellet mills for sale are affordable yet long-lasting, being manufactured using the best materials and the highest quality standard. They are heavy duty with modern and innovative designs. In fact Kesir have three patents. All of our pellet mills for sale are 100% custom built and come with a two year warranty, free installation and free training. Minimum downtime for the operator and guarantees for minimum production! Browse our website to view photos and videos! Contact us today!

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