Kesir – We are the North American leader in low temperature Hops Pellet Mills!

It was back in 2008 that Kesir became the first company in the world to develop low temperature hops and hemp pellet mills. This was achieved by creating a specific die for low friction. Since our first system was installed in California we have sold hundreds more hops pellet mills throughout the world. This includes in the hops and hemp belt of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia! We continue to develop Hops Pellet Mill machinery to produce premium hops pellets without using liquid nitrogen. This includes hops and hemp bale breakers, grinders, mixers and also conveyance equipment. Our Hops Pellet Mills have been tremendously successful both with premium brewers and with governments facilities that test/process hops and hemp.

How are Hops Pellets made?

Used in brewing beer hops is obviously an essential ingredient. The hops used in brewing beer belongs to the hemp family. Hops are harvested then dried, this gets rid of the moisture from the leaves and also enables them to be stored for a long period of time without spoiling them. The next process is crushing the hops into smaller sizes. Through crushing the hops they get a consistent size and also proper moisture content. By means of the Hops Pellet Mill the hops are then pelletized. Compressed by the roller and die the material is condensed. Usually it is during this process that the heat generated causes damage to the hops for use in brewing. Hence the importance of Kesir’s low temperature Hops/Hemp Pellet Mills using a specific die for low friction and thus producing premium hops pellets without the use of liquid nitrogen!

Please view this page for further information including videos and images, a frequently asked questions section, and our Hops Pellet Mill guarantee.

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