Hops pellets are formed by grinding whole hop cones then pressing them into pellets.

Kesir was the first company in the world to develop low temperature hops/hemp pellet mills. The pelletising process uses a specific dye for low friction. This was back in 2008 when we then installed our first hops pellet mill in California. In the years since then we have sold and installed hundreds of hops pellet mills throughout the world. The USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.

More reasons to choose Kesir for your hops pellet mill

  • All our systems are 100% custom built
  • Whether 110KW or 220KW all Kesir hops pellet mills come with free installation and free training!
  • We have 100% CE, CSA, UL certification
  • We continue to develop our machinery to produce premium hops pellets without using liquid nitrogen
  • We supply top quality bale breakers, low impact grinders, mixers and conveyors
  • Perfect for high oil materials, our hops drier drys from 20c up to 120c heat sensitive crops
  • All Kesir hops pellet mills are low maintenance and are easy to clean!
  • Peace of mind as all our pellet making equipment including hops and hemp pellet mills come with a two year limited warranty with guaranteed production
  • Affordable and long-lasting, within one year or less many customers see a return on their investment!

More about Kesir…

Kesir are a leading supplier of pellet mills with a total number of systems worldwide exceeding 2,400! We have twenty four years expertise in the pellet mill industry! Please browse our website to see the full range of our pellet mills systems including more information on our hops/hemp pellet mills.

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