What is EFB?

EFB is a type of mill waste. It is what remains after fresh fruit bunches are pressed for oil. EFB stands for Empty Fruit Bunches. A palm olive plantation yields huge amounts of biomass waste, It also has attractive energy potential as it contains no chemical or mineral additives.

What are EFB pellets?

EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) pellets are made when the palm empty fruit bunches are shredded, compressed and pelletized by a pellet mill. It has typical burn values of 4,200 to 4,900 kg cal/kg after the EFB biomass has been converted to pellets. This makes empty fruit bunch pellets a very suitable substitute for coal. From what was a once problematic biomass, EFB pellets are now a sustainable and renewable bio fuel. They are both dense and clean, making storage, transportation and delivery easy!

Why use Kesir for EFB pelleting?

Kesir have designed a special grinding and pelletizing process that resolves all the previous problems with making Empty Fruit Bunch pellets. Our systems shred, dry, pelletize, cool, screen and pack EFB pellets. All with turnkey Kesir pellet mill systems! This is a breakthrough in sustainable biomass densification. Our pellet mills are particularly aimed at the Asian market where there is a growing demand for these sustainable biomass pellets.

Kesir are a leading turnkey pellet mill supplier throughout the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe and the UK. All our pellet mill systems are 100% custom built. We have over 24 years experience in the pellet mill industry, having three patents of unique/innovative designs. Over 2,400 pellet mill systems have been supplied and installed worldwide by Kesir.

For a free personalized quote to turn EFB into EFB pellets using this unique turnkey pelleting process please contact us today, or browse our website for further information!

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